Are all project processes created equal?

The time difference is now 12 hours. I’m as far from home as I can possibly be, and yet people from home still find me, thanks to the PMI community.

I’m in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, just as PMI-Montreal member and 2016 Symposium speaker James Issam Mengad moves here with Adidas to continue his journey in the company to understand and work with his Asian counterparts in operations. Three years ago, he moved from Montreal to Nuremberg, Germany to work for Adidas and implement a project management framework for the company. The goal of this project was to provide templates and tools so that each department would be more in control of the project process by using best practices of the PMBOK and so that project progress could be more easily followed. The success of the project made users understand that not all projects use all knowledge areas, but that streamlining a process through best practices is more efficient when you know how to pick the right ones.


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